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Hospital Headwall Systems

Horizon® Headwall Systems

The Horizon® Headwall System of flexible services, available from Steo Medical, adapts to changes in patient acuity levels, occupancy rates and technology. Its flexibility is dramatically demonstrated by the ability to quickly add or relocate medical gas services on the raceway as various needs arise.




Horizon Headwall System Features

Movable Gas Outlets – With the unique feature of movable gas outlets, the staff can react to specific patient situations with minimal concerns for improperly placed gas outlets.

Equipment Organization – The Horizon® system reduces clutter around the hospital bed and improves equipment organization and layout.

Easily Upgradeable – The room can be upgraded to a higher acuity level with minimal downtime and inconvenience, allowing for additional services to be accepted without the need to break into walls or reconstruct the room.



Contact us today to find out how the Horizon Headwall Systems can enhance the level of convenience and comfort you provide to your patients.

Horizon® Headwall Systems



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