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Hill-Rom TotalCare® Bariatirc Bed


  • Caregiver safety.

  • Patient dignity.

  • A single solution.

TotalCare Bariatric bed TotalCare Bariatric Bed

TotalCare®  Features

Hill-Rom engineers designed the TotalCare® Bariatric Bed to provide added safety where it’s needed. Its long list of features is engineered to help protect the caregiver and patient from injury, while improving staff efficiency. The bariatric bed functions just like other TotalCare® beds, but it’s different – the TotalCare® Bariatric Bed has been strengthened and specifically designed for the bariatric patient to help ensure safety, comfort and patient movement.

Wide Sleep Deck – Four inches wider than the standard TotalCare® bed and three inches wider than our Magnum® II bed, the TotalCare® bariatric bed provides a wide platform for unrestricted patient movement and comfort.

FullChair® Patient Position Mechanism – Caregivers can easily and frequently position immobile patients per physician and nursing "up-in-chair" orders earlier, throughout the patient's clinical pathway with the simple touch of a button.

FullChair® Chair Egress Position Mechanism – This simple mechanism facilitates foot-of-bed or side egress reducing the risk of injury to patients and caregivers. Based on their capabilities, the patient has the option of exiting from the foot of the TotalCare bed or the side.

IntelliDrive® Power Transport System – Reduces the number of, and effort of, staff required to transfer bariatric patients, improving efficiency and promoting patient dignity.

FlexAfoot™ Retractable Foot Mechanism – Caregivers can customize the overall length of the TotalCare bariatric bed. The retracted footboard provides support to the patient’s feet, reducing the need for additional foot support devices.

Siderail Extenders – Enhances patient safety and provides proper lower extremity alignment when supine.

Height Adjustable – Improves patient transfers by allowing multiple positions.


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