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Hill-Rom TotalCare® Bariatirc Plus
Therapy Hospital Bed


This new bariatric adjustable bed for overweight patients provides progressive mobility with flexible wound and pulmonary therapies in a safe, efficient, and dignified manner from med-surg to the ICU.

Hill-Rom has taken the best of its TotalCare® bariatric heavy duty hospital bed, including the IntelliDrive® Powered Transport System, and added new features to address bariatric patient care challenges throughout the hospital (med-surg to the ICU). These additional bariatric hospital bed features include:

TotalCare Bariatric Bed



TotalCare Bariatric Plus  Features

Optional Low Air Loss Pressure Redistribution Surface: Helps prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Includes Turn Assist, Seat and Foot Deflate, and optional pulmonary therapies.

Cradle Transition: An industry first. Helps minimize sliding as patients move their bariatric hospital bed into the FullChair® position;

30- Degree Head of Bed Angle: An industry first. Alarm and trending for patient care protocols.

Accessory Outlet: Ideal for using bariatric equipment such as sequential compression devices, patient lifts, or air transfer devices with bariatric hospital bed.

Single – Post Patient Helper Trapeze: Allows patients to autonomously reposition themselves within their bariatric adjustable bed.



Contact Steo Medical today to experience the safety and ease of use the TotalCare Bariatric Plus Therapy Hospital Bed can offer your caregivers and bariatric patients



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