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Steo Medical Offers the Ideal Solutions to Your Critical Care and Transitional Care Bed Needs

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The choice in critical care beds best suited to help reduce complications resulting from immobility.  The progressive mobility feature with the TotalCare Connect® Critical Care Bed provides important therapy that is needed most by your most critically ill patients.  By helping to avoid the complications of pneumonia, patients are able to leave the ICU faster and your facility is able to save the costs associated with hospital acquired pneumonia. 

The TotalCare Connec®t Critcal Care Bed system makes it easy to maintain compliance with Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia protocol with the use of the Head of Bed Angle Indicators, Line of Site Angle Indicators and the Continuous Rotation Therapy of the TotalCare SpOrt bed system.  The TotalCare Connect® Critcal Care Bed system helps to simplify the way critical care is provided to the patient through the easy to use siderail controls located at the sides of the patient, and the one-step CPR function keeps caregiver’s hands free.


The choice for transitional care and step-down units, this hospital bed has the ideal mix of unique features for transitional care patients who need more monitoring than those in the med-surg areas, but less than those in the critical care area.  Achieve better outcomes for all your transitional care patients with the Hill-Rom VersaCare TC® Transitional Care Bed System.

Ease-of-Use features such as Intellidrive Powered Transport and built-in transport shelf, IV pole guides and push handles were designed with the caregivers in mind.  At the same time the VersaCare TC® transitional care bed offers the lowest height bed and lowest chair position on the market in order to keep your transitional care patients safe.

For more information, contact Steo Medical today and ask one of our expert staff about the TotalCare Connect critical care bed or the VersaCare TC transitional care bed system.


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