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Electric Hospital Bed


Resident® LTC Bed for better Long Term Care

Hill-Rom Resident® LTC electric hospital bed offers a comfortable working height for caregivers, while helping to facilitate easy resident ingress and egress.

The Resident® LTC bed provides a unique combination of function, aesthetics, durability, and value to enhance the well being of both the long term care resident and facility.  Separate articulation of the head and knee areas helps to personalize comfort.

Resident LTC Bed








Electric High/Low Controls - The Resident LTC electric hospital bed features easy-to-use controls that facilitate resident egress and provide a comfortable working height for staff.

Half-Length TuckAway Siderails – Siderails fold out of the way of knees and shins.
Optional half-length footrails are available.

Easy-to-use and see Operating Controls These controls contribute to long term care resident comfort and independence.

Automatic Contour –This feature helps protect fragile skin and facilitates long term care resident management.

Footend Control Lockout Panel May be used to deny resident access to operating the electric hospital bed functions.

Floor Brake – Helps to prevent unintended bed movement that can post risk to patient safety.

Contact Steo Medical today to learn how the Resident LTC bed can provide a superior level of care and comfort for your patients.



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