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Electric Hospital Bed

Hill Rom CareAssist® ES Adjustable Electric Med/Surg Hospital Bed

The Hill Rom CareAssist® ES adjustable electric hospital beds provide the utmost in patient and caregiver safety.   The numerous easy-to-use controls make this hospital bed a perfect choice for your patient care environment.

CareAssist ES Hospital Bed Features

One-Button Dining Chair® feature — With one simple touch of a button, this electric adjustable hospital bed moves the patient in and out of chair position, thus protecting your caregivers from injury.

Point-of-Care Controls – keeps the caregivers at the patient’s side and eliminates unnecessary extra steps by the caregiver.

Shearless Pivot® Mechanism — This unique patented auto contour feature helps to reduce shearing by keeping the patient in place and reducing the chance for skin breakdown often caused by patient repositioning.

Built-in Scale – Eliminates the need to move patients to a separate scale, therefore, reducing the potential for patient or caregiver injury.

Battery Backup — The battery backup feature allows the electric hospital bed to charge any time the hospital bed is plugged in.  Therefore, there is no need to find an outlet when repositioning this hospital safety bed during patient transfer.

Safety Features – The CareAssist hospital safety bed is an adjustable hospital bed which features hospital bed safety siderails, which meet FDA Guidance on Hospital Bed System Dimensions (HBSW) to reduce the potential for siderail entrapment.  Additionally, the bed not down indicator and audible brake-off alarm safety features help protect the patients from potential falls.

The CareAssist ES adjustable electric hospital bed can be converted into a hospital air bed with additional features added.

Contact Steo Medical today to learn more about the Hill Rom CareAssist ES adjustable electric hospital bed and how it can improve the safety and comfort of your patients.




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