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VersaCare® Bed System

The VersaCare® electric hospital bed offered by Steo-Medical, is a full featured patient care bed system which offers the lowest height in acute care.  Optional integrated air surface helps to automate the delivery of wound care therapy and numerous features reduce the risk of caregiver injury.  Intuitive controls make the VersaCare® Bed System easy to operate.




Helping to reduce falls by your patients

  • Lowest height  (18”) on the market
  • Lowest chair (18”) on the market
  • Brake not set alarm


Med-Surg units include patient with a wide variety of needs.  Some are more mobile, getting in and out of bed with little or no assistance.  Others are less active and need more help.  The VersaCare® electric bed’s surface choices take into account factors such as pressure, temperature and moisture, and shear, all factors that contribute to decubitus ulcers.



One-button repositioning function puts the bed in the idea position for repositioning patients while helping to protect the caregiver from back injury.

Flex-a-foot™ mechanism helps keep patient from sliding down in bed, therefore reducing the need for caregivers to help pull the patients up in bed. 

Turn Assist with the VersaCare A.I.R.® surface makes it easier for a single caregiver to perform patient examinations, linen changes and other tasks.  With the Max-Inflate function on the VersaCare A.I.R.® surface, transfers are easier on both patients and caregivers.

IntelliDrive® Powered Transport Mechanism is an optional power-assist transportation system which allows for easy transport.


Contact Steo Medical today to learn how the innovative features of the VersaCare® Bed System can improve the level of care you provide to your patients.



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