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Specialty Products - LIKO® Patient Lifting Equipment

Liko® is dedicated to safe patient lifting and repositioning as a means of improving patient outcomes and eliminating caregiver injuries caused by manual lifting. Liko® has been a pioneer in design and manufactures of user-friendly lifts, slings and patient transfer accessories.

Liko® offers you a wide range of patient lifting equipment and a wealth of knowledge and experience about safe lifting techniques. For a complete lisitng of all lifting equipment go to:



The transportable lightweight lift

For those in need of a light, mobile lift that folds away easily, LikoLight is one of the most attractive options on the market. LikoLight’s major advantage is that you can take it with you when you travel, or store it conveniently when not in use. Optionally, LikoLight can be quickly disassembled into three pieces to facilitate long-distance transport or storage.

LikoLight is ideal for all the most common lifting situations. For example, it lifts from bed to wheelchair, to and from the toilet or bathtub, or it can lift someone who has fallen to the floor.

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Viking® L

Strong, versatile, and easy to maneuver

Viking® L is an incredibly gentle lift in comparison to its strength. With a lifting capacity of 250 kg (550 lbs), Viking® L is ideal for all the most common lifting needs as well as for heavier patients.

Viking® L is an ideal solution in most lifting situations, whether it’s a question of lifting medium-weight or heavy patients, lifting from the floor, to/from the toilet, horizontal lifting, or even gait training.

Numerous accessories are available, including retractable arm rests which support the patient during gait training or make it easier for staff to maneuver the lift when moving a heavy patient..

To provide maximum security for staff and patients, Viking® L is equipped with both mechanical and electrical emergency lowering.

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Viking Lift

Sabina® II

Three lifts in one

Sabina® differs from other sit-to-stand lifts. Cleverly designed accessories provide several unique application opportunities in one and the same lift.

The ability to adapt each raising or lifting operation to the capabilities of the patient always provides better results than using the same solution for all patients.

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Sabina II

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