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TotalCare® SpO2RT Pulmonary Therapy System

Pulmonary Therapy Medical Bed

The enhancements offered by the TotalCare SpO2RT® pulmonary therapy surface system are designed to help add focus to improving pulmonary outcomes.




The TotalCare SpO2RT® system is the next generation pulmonary therapy medical bed. It combines many innovative features to allow the caregiver unrestrained access to patients and their needs as well as programmable therapy modules to assist the caregiver with often time-consuming pulmonary therapies.

Turn Assist Feature – Facilitates easier patient handling with fewer staff to carry out routine patient care and helps reduce the risk of injury to caregiver and patients.

Opti-Rest Comfort Modality – Provides a wave-like motion, with cushion pressures alternating to enhance patient comfort.

FullChair® Patient Position Mechanism – Caregivers can easily and frequently position immobile patients per physician and nursing "up-in-chair" orders earlier and throughout the patient's clinical pathway with the simple touch of a button.

FullChair® Egress Position Mechanism –This simple mechanism facilitates exiting the medical bed for ambulation, enabling pulmonary therapy patients to achieve functional mobility sooner in the care process with reduced risk of injury to themselves and caregivers. Based on the patient’s condition, the patient has the option of side or foot end of bed egress.

Shearless Pivot® Patient Positioning –By reducing the need for pulmonary therapy patient repositioning “up-in-bed”, this feature enhances caregiver safety and productivity, as well as patient comfort.

FlexAfoot™ Retractable Foot Mechanism – Caregivers can customize the overall length of the medical bed. The retracted footboard provides support to the patient’s feet, reducing the need for additional foot support devices. The overall surface can be retracted up to 12” (30.5 cm), which also aids the caregiver during transport in tight spaces.

IntelliDrive® Power Transport System With Variable Speed Control – With the touch of a button, after releasing the brake and unplugging the bed, caregivers can push patients in their bed with minimal effort, helping to reduce the risk of injury. This optional feature also helps minimize the need to transfer patients to stretchers for transport.



Contact Steo Medical today to learn how the TotalCare SpO2RT Pulmonary Therapy System can provide a superior level of care and comfort for your pulmonary therapy patients.

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