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Hill-Rom Vollman Prone Positioner

The Vollman Prone Positioner is an effective solution to help caregivers turn and support a patient in the prone position.


Vollman Prone Positioner Features

With Hill-Rom’s Vollman Prone Positioner, caregivers can turn and support patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in the prone position. The design of the prone positioner also allows caregiver access to the patient for procedures such as suctioning.

Adjustable Head Support Cushions – Provide facial support in either a face down or side-lying position.

Stationary Chest Support Cushion and Adjustable Pelvic Cushion – These cushions, which are constructed of conformal foam covered by a wipeable bi-directional stretch fabric, support the patient leaving the abdomen freely suspended. This facilitates diaphragmatic movement and improved Functional Residual Capacity (FRC).

Woven Securing Straps – The straps of soft, washable, woven fabric include easy, quick-release buckles.

Stainless Steel Support Rods – The Vollman Prone Positioner has stainless steel support rods to allow for proning patients up to 300 lbs.



Contact Steo Medical today to find out how the Hill-Rom Vollman Prone Positioner can enhance the level of convenience and comfort you provide to your patients.

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Hill-Rom Vollman Prone Positioner